Are You Stale?

Are You Stale?

Have you ever bitten into something that’s stale? There is nothing worse than having your mouth set on eating a chip, a cracker, a fry, or a piece of bread, only to realize that it has become stale, flavorless and cold.

Believe it or not, it happens like that in life, too. We get so caught up in trying to balance career, family and finances that we don’t realize we’ve evolved into a “flavorless” existence. Think about it, prior to adult responsibilities, we had hunger and ambition. We had zeal and imagination that dared us to be greater than people’s expectations… even our own. We had dreams of entrepreneurship, writing books, starting non-profits, singing, acting, etc… but where did they go? Have our fresh ideas, thoughts and desires become so stale that they’re lost for good?

The answer is NO, and here’s why!

See, the saving grace is this… though some stale things need to be thrown away, most can still be re-heated or re-prepared to satisfy the hunger! Your dreams may not be as “fresh” as they were when you first dreamed them, but they still exist and can still become realities! How so? By simply taking the first step to M.O.V.E. forward!


Yes, I did just hit you with a cheesy acronym, and yes, I’m going to tell you what it means:

M = Motivation – You’ve put your dreams on hold long enough, and though you still must take care of your responsibilities, you must also be responsible in motivating yourself. Take a moment to determine the who, what, how and why of your dreams and that will help fuel your success. Also, you may want to enlist the support of those who you can rely on to hold you accountable in completing your goals and will offer an encouraging word every now and again to keep you going!

O = Optimistic – There’s nothing worse than failing at something before you can even get started! You’ve got to know, that you know, that you know, that you are purposed in your pursuits and you WILL succeed in them! Sure, fear will come and go, but when it rears its ugly head, you’ve got to fight off negative emotions, and be optimistic by pushing past it all and DO IT ANYWAY!

V = Vicarious – Sometimes we receive our greatest motivation in seeing successful examples; therefore, find a few success models of your dreams and live vicariously through their experiences. Most importantly, BELIEVE that as it happened for them, it can happen for you, too! Observe what they did right, avoid what they did wrong, and use those examples to help shape your own successful manifestation!

E = Evolve – You’ve been waiting for your next level, so allow it to happen! When you put your best foot forward in pursuing all that you thought was lost, you step on the neck of fear and frustration and become something bigger than you expected!

Will you M.O.V.E. today… or will you choose to remain stale and flavorless? As long as you’re breathing, opportunity exists. You just have to see it, believe it and BECOME IT!

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